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Henny Penny strikes (the keyboard) again.

So I think I have told this tale before but now I have a witness. I had a plumber over today to work on the heater in my studio and he was coming and going from my studio to his truck in the front yard. I needed to retrieve something in the studio and not wanting to feel intrusive I waited until I saw him on his phone in his truck and went out to the studio. As I approached the open door I heard the familiar sound from my chicken that sounds a bit like a worried Chewbacca. “beggarrara” I knew that meant that Henny Penny had seen the door left open and quickly slipped in, as she is want to do if I am not diligent. Sure enough, Henny was perched next to my desk, muttering, “beggarr…beggara”. It reminds me of a criminal when caught mid-crime, with a feeble attempt at a defense.
I calmly approached and as this wasn’t her first offense Henny offered no resistance and allowed me to pick her up and toss her back outside.
As I have stated before, this chicken likes to type. I don’t know why or how but once she managed to invert all the colors on my computers,
“On your keyboard, press: Control+Option+Command+8
(Ctrl + ⌥ + ⌘ + 8). ”
also opened a calculator and word processing app and appears to be trying to type code.
So after removing her from my studio I went back in the house just as my plumber Steve was coming back in. I apologized to Steve for not mentioning that we need to shut the door when leaving the studio, (and this is the part I always love, when I get to play the crazy part) otherwise my chicken will get in and try to work on my computer. Steve didn’t even blink. He said, “Yeah, I came in and saw the chicken on the computer and tried to pet it but she wouldn’t let me.”
Wait! You saw the chicken on the computer? Oh my god I have a witness. This is so great as I love telling stories and as the years pass the are embellished to a smooth sheen but my computer using chicken was always a hard sell and now I have a witness.
So after the plumber left I went out to my shop and found what Henny had been working on. She had opened three browser windows and one of them seemed to be a shopping site but with a lower window with some sort of coding so I am thinking she was trying to hack a shopping sight. The other two windows also seemed to look like she was trying to hack into various sites, (one for a free martin guitar, which I hope is for me, and one for free ipads for schools…an altruistic chicken…).
Anyway I tried to get screen shots but they came out a bit fuzzy. Maybe next time I will just ask my chicken how to properly do a screen grab….

IMG_2276 (1) IMG_2276 IMG_2278