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A Severino’s Beauty

I usually meet a few friends at Severino’s Grill (a great neighborhood watering hole…) most Fridays so we can rehash the week’s worth of world events. It is our little homage to the Algonquin Round Table, (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Algonquin_Round_Table) but with a bit less wit. It is always a fairly quick session, usually lasting between 4:30 and 6:00 o’clock and then we retire to our domiciles. As I was exiting a couple of weeks back I noticed a women standing in the lobby looking like she was waiting for someone. She had such a regal air and posture it stopped me in my tracks. She was standing next to a large brick wall in a pants suit and I just couldn’t resist. “Excuse me, do you think I could take your picture?” I asked. Boy did that create an awkward moment. This lovely women looked at me and then towards the door to see if her husband was coming to her rescue and then to the restaurant hostess, who was definitely not capable of any sort response that might be of comfort for this startled woman. My friend Ken just then came up behind me and as I knew his phone could take a photo I asked, “Ken, wouldn’t this make a beautiful shot?” Ken has been a co-conspirator of mine for long enough that he doesn’t even question my actions anymore. “Um…I guess…” he responded as he took out his phone. I again reassured this lovely women that my intentions were honorable and that I was an artist and just found her image against the background stunning and would love to try and capture it. “Well…perhaps we should ask my husband…” she responded just as her husband walked in to the foyer. “Of course,” I said in my most reassuring voice. I quickly introduced myself to her husband and explained how I was seduced by the sight of his beautiful wife and was hoping to just take a quick picture and would be on our way. At this point I realized my original intent of honest admiration and flattery was quickly evolving into a more than slightly awkward moment for all involved except me. I turned to Ken and made him take a quick shot and thanked the couple again for their patience and grace and exited, leaving them to hopefully enjoy their evening and perhaps even a laugh at my expense. When Ken e-mailed me the photo I was sorry to see it was a bit blurry…but then again, perhaps I was too.

another day in Mikey’s world….

Times are a bit hard financially as I haven’t had a job for quite a while and yet I continue to live the most luxurious existence. (Thank you Amy) I try to curse myself into feeling guilty on a daily basis but by the time I’ve made myself a fresh brewed cup of french-roast coffee and watched Lucca run to the end of my driveway and retrieve my morning paper, drop it at my feet, and I sit at my kitchen table and watch the sun start gliding across my backyard, lighting my lawn and waking all the birds that call this yard home….my guilt dies. So then I spend another day in bliss. It seems so simple. There are always weeds to pull or leaves to rake or sweep. Or maybe I should turn my compost. Or re-stack the old lumber I’ve been saving for some future project. I could do some writing. I could try a new painting. I think the hedge needs trimming. How am I ever to return to the real world when this personal world offers more nourishment and wonder than most could imagine. But perhaps this is one of my points, that perhaps part of my blessings are based on the ability to look for them where they lay. Daily. Look at what you do, and when you do, see something amazing.

I spent today working in my yard. Pulling weeds, mowing the lawn. I made a bouquet, watched the starlings battle with the woodpeckers on the telephone pole and as I felt my body asking permission to stop all this physical foolishness I noticed a beautiful Swallowtail butterfly lighting on the Statis plants in the front yard. I took a breath and watched. When the swallowtail seemed intent on this patch of earth I ran back to my shop and grabbed my camera and tried to get a shot of this beauty.

After I had put all the tools away, taken an outdoor shower under the evening sky, I made a wonderful meal and lit my fire pit on the back porch. As I watched the flames dance and leap to try and touch the evening sky I once again counted, and then counted again. And realized how blessed I am.