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Another day to remember

As often as I may curse some perceived affront by a car on the highway or an ill behaved grownup, I do also try to realize where my blessings lie. At home with my family. Wonderful meals with friends. And in the absolute beauty of where I get to live. One of the habits I try to maintain is to view the ocean on a daily basis. It is my form of Ritalin. It calms me and makes me remember. So this afternoon I drove down Beach Drive at a severe low tide. These really low tides are one of my favorites as it shows so much of the bay that we can’t imagine. The shape of the shoreline twenty or thirty yards out and why the waves break that way there. The deposits of flotsam that usually sways on the bottom of the bay,¬† sharing bits of history from as far away as a mountain top or as deep as history can dig.

So as I drove down this beach front road I noticed a lone figure off shore. The low tide had receded to -0.19 feet and the beach was busy with walkers and joggers. And of course dogs in all states of euphoria based on the amount of smells and detritus scattered on the shore. But this lone figure captured my eye as he stood in waders with a fishing pole off shore. In full fishing regalia he stood, from the floppy hat to the khaki knapsack. Knee deep against a background of silver and gray light. I pulled over and watched. I could tell that he was on a high spit of sand next to a trough burrowed by the strong current that every surfer of this area knows so well. The swell had been big recently and at high tide a boon to the local surfers but at this tide the water looked like cabbage chopped for Chinese stir fry. I could not resist trying to capture this scene so I shut off the car, grabbed my camera and headed out to the shoreline. I am not a professional and regret it as I’m sure I missed some great shots but this is what I did come away with. A few to capture the mood and the memory of speaking to the fisherman as he waded ashore¬† and then walked away.

“any luck?” I asked.

“I caught one great one. Right when the tide was going out, about an hour ago. I caught one that was about 16 inches. Oh, it was great. I had to let it go but it was a great catch A real tugger. I think the females lay their eggs in the shallows when the tide is right so I had to put her back”

He walked off down the beach with just his pole pointing south. No intention of keeping any catch.

What a joy to live here.