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Scornful Dismissal

Scornful Dismissal…

That is a very literal diss. This is old school. Take a look at this image from 1904 and if you are a married man tell me you don’t know this look and phrase being presented.

This image can be captioned by every married man since Adam…


The latest Lucca pics

My son’s girlfriend Kendra took these shots with her cell phone, I thought they were very interesting,



An untitled poem

It was sudden.

and seemed harsh for a simple rain.

The sound startled me when it started.

Startled me when it hit my roof.

Startled me.

So when I went to the door and looked,

and it was just rain, but rain that fell with a voice

that stated its presence I thought,

Bless the rain,

bless the rain,

bless the absence of my pain.