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Children’s nonsense rhymes.

I was looking through an old sketch book and found some rough sketches I had done when I was writing a bunch of children’s nonsense rhymes. I still hope to do something more complete with my poems but thought I would post a few.

mighty-beast2 ostrich

peter-penn2 rain-again

Short story ideas

I unfortunately have been experiencing a troubling sleeping pattern for quite a while, which leaves me tossing and turning through a great deal of the time I should be sleeping and recharging. Most nights consist of intermittent naps more than sleeping. For this forum I would prefer not to indulge in the why or how or any other concerns as to what could or should be done, but rather express some interesting attributes of this condition.

Dreams. Oh my. I don’t think I can do them justice here but let me quickly share that when you are always hovering between awake and asleep for hours and hours you tend to acquire the ability to capture far more of your dreams than most people. My poor wife, her day usually starts with a recap of my nocturnal adventures. (I usually leave out the sexual adventurous parts just to avoid further complications) Now, as I said, I don’t think I can begin to explain or question my subconscious regarding these late night mind journeys in this forum, but I would love the opportunity to embrace that challenge some day.

The other habit I have developed is to try and write short stories in my head to help me wander off and perhaps (perchance) to sleep. I do this to avoid the other option in the dark, which is to worry. And no good every comes of that.

So to cut to the chase, http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/107300.html (in case you needed it) What I thought might be fun is to share some of my ideas as they are presented to me, not fully formed or even comprehended but just as kernels of stories that may or may not ever gestate. To referenced another old literary phrase, I’m just “shooting in the dark” here and hoping to find my way. Should anyone out there be interested in adding or offering a suggestion or opinion on any of this I would love to here from you.

This weeks batch and tentative titles:


Heaven hadn’t found any answers in Francis Logan Goliath and it appeared may have even stopped looking.

The Turn

I should have guessed Martin would have seen this coming. As proficient a confidence man as Martin he would have certainly checked every angle and braced himself for this hit.

Happy Hour

Marilyn had grown into what she had sworn against and dreaded. Forty, plump, single and damn it all, easy.

All in a days work

It took a while until I earned a barstool at the far end next to Max, but I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t made the move.


I will try to share more as they occur and hopefully develop a few of these into stories if any further potential is shown.