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Sticks and Stone….

So my nemesis, the gophers chewed off the roots of a very large flowering bush in our front yard and as I was chopping it into pieces to fit into the recycle bin I realized that I was producing lovely small, straight sticks from the branches about a foot to a foot and a half long….you don’t often get a bunch of nice sticks like these so of course I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away as I was certain a better use could be found, (gourmet kindling perhaps???). Actually I knew I would be deferring to one of my heroes, Andrew Goldsworthy as inspiration and just made a simple spire but did find a very nice rock nearby that fit nicely on top to give it a nice title, “Sticks and Stone….” seems an appropriate response for those who wonder why I keep doing as I do, don’t you think…


Heroes of the Dark Continent

I love old books, although I am not much of a reader. I love old books for their smell, feel and providence. I still love to collect books, especially those with graphics, as I find the older illustrations in these books very telling as to the way of the world when they were published. I am amazed to look at the world as it was with today’s eyes. This book, “Heroes of the Dark Continent”, was the book that inspired Edgar Rice Burroughs to write Tarzan. Here are a few images I chose. There are literally hundreds to choose from, but these seemed the easiest to introduce. I chose the front plates as they are amazing, but I also chose a few from the 500 illustrations that showed how tough a gig this was for those that signed up for a travel adventure in the 1890′s….enjoy.

super information highway from yesterday…

I found an interesting ad from a 1910 McCall’s for Bell/AT&T coining the phrase, “A Highway of Communication”…certainly a precurser for the Information Highway by quite a few years. Also of note is they state that “The Bell system brings eight million men, women and children into one telephone commonwealth, so that they may know one another and live together in harmonious understanding.” Sounds like the first social network to me….


How to make good pictures.

Cool old book cover from my archives. Looks like a great primer for photographers, unfortunately with the advent of digital photography most of the info is moot…