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Found a copy of the movie poster for one of my favorite films. If you’ve never seen it I highly recomend it. It has spawned many a cultural reference, including “Zippy the Pinhead” cartoon by the great Bill Griffith. From the wikipedia page, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freaks

Owing to its cult status in the late-20th century, Freaks has been referenced explicitly in popular culture expressions from 1970s onward, from songs by other self-proclaimed “freaks”, such as the Ramones (“Gabba Gabba Hey”), David Bowie (“Diamond Dogs”), and Devo (“Jocko Homo”), to “cult” comic strips like Zippy the Pinhead (a reference to the aforementioned microcephalic), to even episodes of The Simpsons (“There’s No Disgrace Like Home”), Clerks: The Animated Series (“The Last Episode Ever”), and The Big Bang Theory. The chanting of “One of us!” is commonly used as a reference to the film.


Recommended technic

This is a medical illustration that I think works well as an odd graphic when you leave off the instructional information under the bottom of the image.


awkward family photo…

so I stumbled over this site,  http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/ (off of Fark.com I believe..) and I think this photo is my favorite. It raises SOOOOOOO many questions…

1. What in heavens were these outfits for?

2. Why is your daughter touching you….there….

Oh, I could go on and on but why bother. Just enjoy.