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so my sister Kathy gave me an old book of American Folk Rhymes from 1952. She knew I would like it because…well I like old books…they smell good. I love the smell of old binding. But also, I like nonsense verse and old illustration and this book has both. I’m showing one that I think might have further cultural reference…could this be where Snoop Dogg found his inspiration???? for-shizzle…


R. Crumb’s Devil Girl Choco-Bar

The great Robert Crumb put this candy bar out a few years ago. The back of the label had a bunch of merchandise for sale and I foolishly didn’t order anything.


My sisters on Easter day

I have two sisters, Susie and Kathy. As the youngest of six, they were my main influence in much of my youth. I cherish my sisters for the love they provided and provide on a daily basis. I found these shots of Susie and Kathy in my father’s pictures and thought they were wonderful. (not sure they’ll feel the same)

About People-November 1915

I found this article from Women’s Home Companion, 1915. It was called “About People A Department of Interesting Personalities” I definitely agree with their choices, Miss Margaret evidently became a pre-eminent authority on raising turkeys. So much so that farmers from all over would call her to “talk turkey”. A colloquialism to this day. Mrs. Tracy on the other hand was an early entrepreneur who found a market for ostrich feathers and amusement with raising them. It doesn’t mention how Mr. Tracy felt…



I have this amusing group of woodpeckers that has taken up residence in the telephone pole at the bottom of my driveway and they have a great call they make when they come back from a bug run to feed the young’un(s). I’ve become quite intrigued by the group as it appears to consist of three birds that fly over as a group to a large palm in our neighbors yard, work the trunk a bit and then return to the telephone pole where they have made a nest. Bikkita-reeka-eeraka-RAKA they screech and fuss with extended wings. I can not tell if there are multiple babies or families sharing this hole they’ve bored into the telephone pole or if they are just some sort of communal group caring for a single chick. Anyway I tried to get some photos, hope you enjoy.

Sentinels guarding the nest.

Sentinels above the nest.

Keeping watch.

Keeping watch.

Working the palm next door.

Working the palm next door.