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Had a great weekend in my part of the world, had the pleasure of working in my yard all weekend. The sun was shining, birds were singing and the nasturtiums have magically returned. Such a fun plant, just shows up, looks nice, has edible flowers and then seems to disappear when the winter returns. In honor of nasturtiums and spring I found this page from a book called Flower Children, by Elizebeth Gordon.


Speak for yourself John….

I found a really fun old book, “The Complete Speaker and Reciter for Home, School, Church and Platform”. It is from 1905 and is filled with hilarious recitations from the times. Many of the humorous pieces were written phonetically to sound like various imigrant dialects, which sound quite racist today. Anyway, I thought this was a funny image from the book,


it looks like he just farted….which would explain the “speak for yourself” line…

I’ve gotsta get me one of these….

how cool would it be to cruise down to the beach to meet up with your buddies in one of these cars?


The Restive Nursling

I have some wonderful wood engravings from “The Graphic”, published in 1872. This was a small image under the heading of Zoo Eccentricities. It is called “The Restive Nursling” but I’m not sure which is the nursling, nor which appears restive….


Checkers Book

I found this cover and thought it amusing but even better is the back page with some quotes by the critics. I don’t actually have the book so I can’t verify their claims as some sound a bit over the top….



we are talking checkers, right? Essential in Checker library??? He has a checker library?

Complete Convenience

Always operate your ice cube trays this way….or just bang the crap out of it against the side of the sink…and remember never operate your ice cube tray under the influence…..



What is being demonstrated here? and why does this women look so serene?…


Great, Great Exchange ads…

We have a free paper called the Great Exchange, offering free wanted/for sale listings for the area. I circled a couple of my favorites from a recent copy,


I do like the Hamster ad as well….”cuddleable”??? nice word. $25 with carrier, $10 if you just want to stuff it in your pocket?


For those who have seen the film Memento, one of Christopher Nolan’s early films, I think I may have found one of the Polaroid photos Guy Pierce took….