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Potato smokes??

Great old ad from a 1937 Playbill Magazine. I’d never heard of Spuds cigarettes before.


imagine….your smoke zone IS YOUR COLD ZONE…….coincidence???

Scary family fun….

I’ve never considered using my sander on my neck…or any other body parts, but….


that mom-inatrix looks like she’s really looking forward to “polishing some furniture…”

current events

o.k. boys and girls, ya gotsta love living in a provincial town where the local news submits these types of articles…with photo’s!!!!


Headless chickens prompt bomb scare

The Sheriff’s Office bomb squad responded to a report of a suspicious package on Mainsail Court around 2:30 p.m. Friday. Deputies and firefighters staged along the private roads Panorama Drive and Hilltop to investigate.

Someone left two decapitated chickens wrapped in newspaper on the front porch of a Mainsail Court home, deputies said. The resident found the package at 10:44 a.m. and called deputies. Upon arrival, deputies discovered what they believed was gun powder and a lighter with the chickens and called the bomb squad. The resident moved the package to the end of his driveway. The bomb squad took over and determined it wasn’t dangerous.

“It was clear that the residents were the intended target, but at this point there is nothing to lead us to believe that it was a neighbor,” sheriff’s Sgt. Jim Ross said. “There is no suspect information yet. The information we do have is under review.”

Ross said no message was left with the chickens. Deputies cleared out by 3 p.m


so from the photo’s it appears the bomb squad detonated the chicken…???

and yet they were so concerned they let the resident walk the suspicious package out to the street….


Santa Cruz

Man rescued from overturned kayak

Central Fire fighters, Harbor Patrol and State Parks responded to a call of an overturned kayak about 1,000 yards from shore off East Cliff Drive on Friday, according to dispatchers.

A 51-year-old man and his dog were testing out a kayak around 5:40 p.m. when a swell knocked them off balance, State Parks lifeguard Eddie Rhee-Pizano said.

“He was a beginner kayaker and was trying to get used to it. He had only gone out a few times,” Rhee-Pizano said. “He launched from Capitola and was on his way to the Santa Cruz harbor. He was picked up on the harbor boat and was evaluated on shore and released.”

Rhee-Pizano said the man was fully clothed and wearing a life jacket but was a little hypothermic. He was treated and released by 6:10 p.m. The dog was fine.

a (very) short noir story

The Case of the missing clues.

The day started like all the rest, earth turned, sun rose. I was enjoying my first cup of joe and reading the daily rag and wondering when our local baseball team would get some bats in the lineup when the phone rang. I picked up the receiver and answered, “Hello”. (I think that’s nicer than “yeah”) It was a dame. A dame with a voice like smokey whiskey. She was looking for someone and wondered if I could help. As soon I heard that voice I knew I wanted to help her, but I needed to know more. I asked her a couple of questions, she seemed to get rattled and hung up before I could even get her name or number.

I decided to go for a drive to clear my head. I like to drive down to the beach and imagine that I had lived here about 60 years ago and had bought some of the beach property and am now rich and living off of my rentals. I turn onto Creekside, which runs along the creek down to the beach. The creek was swollen from the rain, swollen like I imagined her lips might be because in my mind she looks just like Anjolina Jolie. I find a spot in front of the seawall and park my car. The break in the storm has gotten everyone out for a walk on the esplanade. Moms with strollers, old folks with comfortable shoes, dog walkers and joggers. I sit in my car watching but all I can think about was that phone call. That voice and the last thing she said that I just can’t shake. “Oh, I’m sorry, I must have the wrong number.”

new exciting

with marketing like this I just had to have one….needless to say my expectations were a bit on the high side. but I sure do like the packaging.


Happy Valentines Day

Just a quick note to those that celebrate a day to acknowledge the ones we love. I thought this was a fun image….


what are you doing after the game????


so I have been really enjoying going through a box of my father’s old negatives. He had a great old double reflex camera that took those 4×4 negatives.

The more I look through his shots, the more I realize my dad had a pretty good eye. There are some wonderful shots and some very strange images. I now have the luxury of photo shop to work with, so I will be sharing some of my finds from time to time. The shot for today is a facinating image of my brother Jerry and Tony on the Autopia in Disneyland. I love the fact that there is no fence around the ride, it just runs out into the orange fields that used to surround Disneyland. I also like the grip on the sidebar of the kid in the front car.


Sunny San Francisco and other Northern California destinations…


So I told my wife Amy that I needed to make a quick pilgrimage to San Francisco as there was a free print fair at Fort Mason. One of my favorite spots. I also wanted to find my way to the Andy Goldsworthy installation in the Presidio. I actually hadn’t ever been into the Presidio proper, but had always wanted to and thought I could definitely make both sites in a single swoop through the north end of San Francisco. One of the million reasons I love my wife is I asked her if she would like to join me, not because I felt obligated, but because if she didn’t she would have declined and wished me a great adventure. If she said she would like to come with me I knew it would be to join me in my itenerary, not to try to add her own agenda. So Amy and I headed up north early Saturday. We decided to take 280 up and perhaps the coast back. As we made our way I realized we would be passing Stanford and there is another Goldsworthy installation there. I asked Amy if she would like to detour and see if we can find it on the way to the city. Of course she agreed, as we were on an adventure.

If you’ve never detoured to the Stanford campus you should. Oh my, what a sight. It is a gorgeous campus and you almost feel a bit privileged to be careening around it’s wide tree lined avenues. Anyway we did ask an elderly women walking her dog if she could direct us to the Goldsworthy installation and she did. It sits just outside a parking lot in front of the Stanford Art Museum. The Museum wasn’t open until 11:00 but we still enjoyed this incredible installation as well as a beautiful Rodin sculpture garden that sits to the side of the Museum. Here is a shot of the light we enjoyed the installation by,


We then continued up 280 to San Francisco.

One of my favorite areas is the Marina, and particularly Fort Mason. You can usually find free parking and free events in one of the most photogenic sections of the city. This day was spectacular, even by my standards. I love this view but today was above and beyond the call of beauty. January 31 and the sun is shining, no fog to be found and barely a whisper of wind on the bay. The bay was unreasonably sparkling and blue and scattered with sailboats. It looked like someone had tossed confetti over a bright blue floor. The Marina green was a human conveyor belt of joggers, walkers, dogs, dog people, kites, bike riders weaving along the strand. We walked into Fort Mason and ran into our friends, Bob and Rosemary who joined us at the Print Show. A great show Fort Mason presents every year with print dealers from all over showing their wares. Beautiful pieces that you can actually pick up and examine or admire. If you like graphic arts this is a great free show. So after a quick bite from Green’s to-go, (a nice chinese noodle salad and a great cup of coffee) we made our way back to our car and off to find our next treasure, Andy Goldsworthy’s “Spire” in the Presidio.

From the Marina all we had to do is head straight north. The street veers left towards the Golden Gate Bridge, but if you stay right it leads you to Crissy Field and the bottom end of the Presidio. From there you just turn left and head uphill to the main section of the Presidio. What a beautiful site, and now fully accessible to the public. We parked and went into the Officer’s Club. Someone was setting up a wedding reception in the big hall to the right but the other side of the large hall was set up as a historical exhibit. The current exhibit is about the American war against the Philipines. They even had a couple dressed up as president Teddy Roosevelt and Mrs. Roosevelt there to great you upon entering the exhibit. (So just to recap, so far this day has cost us nothing but gas money and $8 at Green’s to-go.) After the viewing we asked about the Goldsworthy installation and were directed next door. Next door was a small building, with a small sign stating “Goldsworthy at the Presidio” hanging off the porch and a small sign claiming “open” tacked to the old wooden door. Inside was a very small, crude display about Andrew Goldsworthy, the artist, and in particular his recent installation up the hill at Insparation Point in the Presidio. Now don’t get me wrong, I found the exhibit charming and thrilling in its intimacy. Andrew Goldsworthy is world renowned and in my opinion a giant among modern artists. And here he contributed sketches and installations to a three room shack being manned by a yound female volunteer who seemed stunned to have someone try and engage her about any of this…

So Amy and I are now starting to question our day of good fortune so we decide to take a break and have a little picnic on the Presidio grounds before heading off to find the “Spire”. We walk back to our car and get out the picnic and walk over to the picnic table next to the commeratative cannon in the middle of the lawn. We put out our spread of baquette, pepper-jack cheese, apples, olives, grapes and pinot nior and clink our plastic cups. We look down the gently sloped grade of the Presidio and out across the bay……


I am not making this up.

This is what it looked like from our picnic table. And there was hardly anyone to be seen. Down the hill a bit there was a cheering squad practicing in the parking lot and to our right there were three young girls sitting on the blacktop waiting for their bus. All three had iPods on but obviously playing the same tune as they were all singing along.

So after our snack we headed up the hill on Argeullo Blvd. It heads straight up the hill out of the Presidio and seems to be the main drag from one side of the Park to the other. At the top of the park is Inspiration Point,


and across the snake-turned two lane road is Andrew’s installation. If interested, please make the effort to see it. If curious about it please read, http://www.presidio.gov/experiences/spire.htm, if curious about the artist either rent “Rivers and Tides” or just peruse Youtube under Goldsworthy.

So we parked, darted across the blind curve and walked up the slight incline to the “spire”.


O.K., I don’t know how you might feel about art. Sometimes I don’t know how I feel about it. All I know is it does make me feel. And Andrew’s work makes me feel good. Proud. Scared. Wishfull. Wantfull. Willing. And ashamed. I should do more. We should do more. Look more. See more. Be more.

So as Amy and I  spent the last couple of hours in the day driving down the coast toward Santa Cruz, watching an amazing sunset over the Pacific, I thought, I need to share this day.

And so I have. Please enjoy.