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new career?


I wonder if they are still in business, I may write for their free book….

(and no Austin Power’s bits about mounting birds….)

to the greats of the gridiron…


I just realized, I don’t know what gridiron means…did you ever think about the term, (word?) Anyway, I do like to watch football. Basically the Niners…but since their fall I watch the playoffs with some interest because the intensity is always on display. Lose and go home. One and done.I looked up gridiron,

grid·i·ron       (grĭd’ī’ərn)  Pronunciation Key
The field of play.
The game itself.
A flat framework of parallel metal bars used for broiling meat or fish.
An object resembling such a framework.
A metal structure high above the stage of a theater, from which ropes or cables are strung to scenery and lights.
A flat framework of parallel metal bars used for broiling meat or fish.
An object resembling such a framework.

[Middle English gridirne, alteration (influenced by iren, irne, iron) of gridere, alteration of gridel; see griddle.] ……..

So it does seem that they are thinking of the players as meat….

anyway, in honor, I used my shop scanner and photoshop to create….

Aloe outside my window


We have this great Aloe plant on the side of the house  and you can see it from our family room. When it blooms the bee’s and hummingbirds come to dine on its nector and because I am behind a window that they can’t see through I can observe them from about a foot away. Very cool to be able to check out a hummingbird up close.

Fun for the whole family

A couple of ads I thought were amusing…


Mr. big and his friend…..


I think these might make interesting t-shirts for the “don’t ask, don’t tell” crowd…

King Midget


Maybe we should reevaluate the King Midget in these times of serious conservation? I mean, how cool would it be to pull into a Safeway gas station and fill up one of these….

Hey, who’s your friend?

I love this shot of my sons Ian and Colin, (about 1999 or so). They appear so unaware of their impending peril….


When we used to drive to Palm Desert to see my wife’s folks I would always see these dinosaurs off the side of the freeway. So one trip on the ride home I made the family stop. I believe this is the same dinosaur that Peewee Herman visits with Dottie in Peewee’s Big Adventure, http://www.imdb.com/video/screenplay/vi485819161/

A great movie and I had forgotten that it was Tim Burton’s directorial debut.

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Party Arch

Grampa is all his glory. The full shot has a couple dancing to his left. My suspicion, he was more of a card is his mind than that of others….


Hail to the PBJ!

This is a shot of my brother Tony. It appears he is either protesting his 1/2 soup, 1/2 sandwich meal or trying to instigate a crowd…..
There are a few shots from this series that intrigue me as they all seem to show my older brother in some state of despair. He was with my Aunt Anne’s family at the time. I may have to have him try to delve into this a bit….
Tony and his unfortunate lunch

Tony and his unfortunate lunch